013 VVN – John Fonner – Vietnam Vet Interview

John Fonner

John Fonner

John Fonner is a bedrock American hero.  He answered the call when his country needed help to fight an unpopular war in a faraway land. He went forward and served to the best of his ability and then came home to Connecticut without a chip on his shoulder. He proceeded to build a life that should be a gleaming example to all. He built a fine family that now includes grandchildren, he excelled in a 50 year career in the grocery business, he was a good citizen in his home community and today he is enjoying a well earned and deserved retirement.

In this interview John is going to tell us about his experiences during the Vietnam War when he was assigned to the 195th Assault Helicopter Company. His story is unique in that he is one of the few US Army soldiers who went to Vietnam with his entire unit when it deployed.  Most soldiers went over individually and joined units already in country.

Hope you enjoy John’s recounting of his Vietnam adventures.

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