014 VVN – Woman Turns Napalm Scars From Vietnam War Into Forgiveness Crusade

Kim Phuc

Kim Phuc poses for a photo with U.S. military veterans who heard her message of love and forgiveness last night at the Columbus Country Club. Kim was burned as a child by napalm dropped by the South Vietnamese air force on her village. Photo from the Columbus Dispatch.

Kim Phuc is an amazing woman.  She was the nine year old Vietnamese girl who was burned in an attack on her village in 1972 by the South Vietnamese Air Force. The picture of her running away from the attack became an image seen around the world wide.

The amazing thing about her story is that she has recovered from he wartime injuries and today is a Christian motivational speaker living in Canada. This episode is about an article from the Columbus Dispatch written by JoAnne Vivianno. The article tells about Kim Phuc’s speaking appearance before two groups in Columbus, Ohio.

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