016 VVN – Vinny Pharakhone, The Laotian Entrepreneur

Vinny Pharakhone

Photo by Burt Henry/San Antonio Express-News
Vinny Pharakhone is the owner of Vinny’s Donuts, which opened on Broadway in January 2014.

The war in Vietnam left its mark on many people not only in America. Millions of lives in other countries of Southeast Asia were affected. In this podcast the fortunes of a Laotian refugee that were featured in an article in the San Antonio Express-News by Burt Henry is presented.

Burt tells about the journey Vinny Pharakhone followed to become the owner of Vinny’s Doughnut Shop on Broadway in San Antonio, Texas. It is a heart warming story of the human spirit overcoming adversity.  It also points out what a great country America is in that it provides opportunity for those willing to work at making dreams come true.

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