018 VVN – Chinese Vietnam War Veterans Protest

Chinese Vietnam Vets Protest

Veterans of the 1979 China-Vietnam War hold banners in Beijing as they petition the communist regime for the benefits they were promised when they enlisted. The left banner reads: “In times past we brought great glory to our country. Now the harsh pressure of our life brings us suffering and tears.” Right: “We veteran soldiers want to see Chairman Xi. We want to say some heartfelt words to him and the Communist Party.”

Chinese veterans of the short war with Vietnam that occurred 35 years ago are protesting the shoddy treatment from their country.  In an article by Carol Wickenkamp of Epoch Times, The plight of Chinese veterans is highlighted. They fought in a war mostly forgotten by Americans who are more concerned the war they fought on the other side of Vietnam.

They believe the Chinese Government is reneging on the promises made years ago to get soldiers to fight in that short war with the much smaller country of Vietnam. In a show of unusual bravery they are willing to publicly challenge the government to provide better treatment to those that fought in that war so many years ago.

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