040 VVN – Vietnam Vet Rodger Howell Beats the Odds

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Rodger Howell with his dog, Banjo, and two horses, Sonny and Dancer in his buggy on U.S. Hwy. 280 near Opelika. (Photos Courtesy of Opelika-Auburn News)

This episode is about a Vietnam Vet who refused to accept the death sentence his doctors prescribed for him. The story  comes from an article in the Opelika-Auburn News by Drew Taylor. In it we learn that over a year ago Vietnam Vet Rodger Howell was told by his doctors he would die in five weeks so what does he do? He took off on a cross country trip in a wagon pulled by two horses and accompanied by he faithful Border Collie dog. So far he has traveled over 2500 miles and is still going strong. His story is an amazing example of how the right attitude can make life worth living.

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