045 VVN – Mack Payne Speaks at Okeechobee Memorial Day Event 2014


On Memorial Day 2014, I spoke to the American Legion Ceremony held in Flagler Park to honor the fallen heroes of the nation. I spoke about my experiences in Vietnam and planned on recording my speech to include on the podcast. But sometimes things do not work out as planned and the recorder did not work. Not being one to let little things like that get in my way, I decided to record my speech in my recording studio. It works fine but there is no applause or cheers from the crowd. The primary purpose here is to convey the importance of honoring the memory of all those brave Americans who died in war to protect our freedoms by voting in every election.

mack payne, okeechobee, amrican legion, memorial day

Mack Payne speaks at the American Legion Memorial Day Ceremony at Okeechobee, Florida – 2014.

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