053 VVN – Paul E. Travis’ Agent Orange Horror Story

Johnston Island, paul e. travie, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

Agent Orange Herbicide storage lot on Johnston Island 1972 – 77

One of Paul E. Travis' Tumors, mack payne, vietnam veteran news

One of Paul E. Travis’ Tumors

Strap yourself in for this episode. Paul E. Travis a retired USAF Master Sergeant is going to tell his story about his encounter with the terrible legacy from the Vietnam War known as Agent Orange. Although he never set foot on the land of Vietnam he is suffering terribly from its effects. As the Vietnam was winding down the decision was made to remove all the stocks of Agent Orange from the country. It was decided to store 25,000 fifty five gallon drums of the Monsanto supplied herbicide to Johnston Island, a small spit of land in the Pacific Ocean about 750 miles southwest of Hawaii.

Paul had the misfortune of being assigned to the airbase on the island and while there became infected with the lethal dioxins found in Agent Orange. Ever since he has had to not only battle his health challenges but he has had to fight the VA just as hard to secure assistance for his service related illnesses.

He story is compelling and illustrates why we should all hang our heads in shame because of the poor treatment these brave Americans have received for health problems they contracted while serving their country.

Every concerned citizen should immediately contact their congressional representatives and demand they take action and pass an Agent Orange Equity Bill.



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