054 VVN – Michael Cohen of WILS Interviews Vietnam Vet Mack Payne


Michael Cohen, WILS Radio, mack payne, vietnam veteran newsRecently yours truly was interviewed by Michael Cohen of WILS Radio in Lansing, Michigan. We talked primarily about the way veterans are being treated by the VA. It is a sad state of affairs when our government reneges on it sacred responsibility of caring for the brave Americans who answered the call to fight for our country. It is understood by all that the government must take care of those how are injured while fighting for the country. It appears all understands this solemn responsibility except for the pencil pushers at the VA.

You are encouraged to contact your hired hands in Washington and insist they do what is right by our veterans. You are also encouraged to listen to Michael Cohen at WILS. You can listen in from anywhere in the world. Just go to their website 1320wils.com and click on the listen now button.

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