062 VVN – Lt Calley Fesses Up To My Lai Massacre


Lt William Calley, vietnam veteran news

William Calley arrives for a hearing before his trial at Fort Benning on Nov. 14, 1970.

Lt William Calley fought in the Vietnam War with the Americal Division. He is singly remembered for his part in the infamous “My Lai Massacre.”  He was charged with killing up to 500 unarmed civilians.  The case at the time caused much deep thinking about the war and exactly what we were doing there in the first place. His defenders supported the view he was a scapegoat and others demanded he be shot.

The case got to the presidential level when then President Richard M. Nixon reduced the accused Lt. Calley’s murder charges and he was sentenced to three years house arrest at Columbus, Georgia.

The former Lt. Calley admitted to his actions publicly at a Kiwanis meeting in Columbus, Georgia.

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