068 – Scotsman Robert Buchan Honored for Vietnam Service

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A memorial to L/Cpl Buchan in Australia: His name and face will be added to a new ‘Wall of Faces’ memorial planned to be erected in Washington DC, but only if his relatives can be found to give permission

Robert Buchan was a brave Scotsman who died in The Vietnam War while fighting with the Australian Military Forces. This episode features an article in the Daily Mail by Damian Gayle. In it Mr. Gayle tells about a new memorial to be established in Washington, D.C. adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial Wall where the contribution made by Australia to the Vietnam war will be honored. The names of the Australians who died in that war are to be displayed on the new memorial known as The Wall of Faces. But there is a problem in getting Buchan’s name added because the Office of Australian War Graves cannot locate any of Buchan’s surviving relatives to approve the addition.

His family was last known to be living in the Perth area of Scotland. It is requested that anyone who has information about the family contact Damian Gayle at: damien.gayle@dailymail.co.uk

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