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This is the 1000th episode of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast. What began as the result of a comment about a speech presented to a Toastmasters club in Sarasota, Florida back in 2012 became a crusade by Mack Payne. At that fateful meeting Payne decided for the first time ever to speak about an event he experienced in Vietnam. The speech was well received and afterward a member of the club who was a book publisher made the suggestion that led to the crusade. Liz Coursen encouraged to write a book about his memoirs of the Vietnam War.

Payne decided to act on the suggestion after she said he “possessed a great deal of firsthand knowledge of one of the most divisive times in the recent history of our country.”  After nine months of hard work he published Vietnam Veteran Memoirs. The book turned out to be a highly inspirational project. It encouraged him to travel across the country speaking not only about the book but also about the veterans who served in that war.

He has spoken from Belle Glade, Florida to Colorado Springs, Colorado. He began to notice there would always be a few Vietnam Veterans in attendance at each event. He would talk with the veterans and listen to their stories and marvel at what an outstanding job they did for their country not only in the Vietnam War but when they came home.

After a while, Payne realized that more people should hear these stories and realize the greatness of the Vietnam Veterans because these men and women had been so wrongly maligned and reviled by a country that could not separate negative feelings toward the war from the troops who served.

Payne’s solution to correcting this misconception about Vietnam Veterans by the world was the creation of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast.

Discover more at episode 1000.

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