1004 – Vietnam War stuff used to secure the border


Yuma, Arizona, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Border wall utilizing Vietnam War surplus material at Yuma, Arizona

Denelle Confair, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

KYMA reporter Denelle Confair

Episode 1004 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will bring you a “feel good” story coming out of Vietnam. It is about surplus material from the War being put to good use in Yuma. The story was told in a segment from KYMA Channel 11 News in Yuma, Arizona titled: Vietnam War surplus used for current border fencing. It was provided by KYMA reporter Denelle Confair.

Building a border wall along the Mexican border is a big issue in this country. President Trump made it one of the primary planks of his campaign and he isn’t backing off from it. There is much opposition to funding the wall in Congress mainly due to political realities.

While the political wrangling and maneuvering goes on in Washington some resourceful Border Patrol agents are not standing by and watching a tidal wave of illegal immigrants flood into the country.

Confair reports on what agents are doing in the Yuma Border Sector to help stem the tide of illegals. They have gotten their hands on some surplus material leftover from the Vietnam War that is producing amazing results. M8A1 mat which referred to as landing mat in the story is the material that is proving to be a big help in securing the border. Most all helicopter pilots who flew in Vietnam are familiar with the steel planking. It was widely used for landing pads for aircraft and parking areas for vehicles because it was quick and relatively easy to install. It worked great in those applications.

In typical government fashion, massive amounts of M8A1 mat was procured during the war. As a consequence there were large stores of the mat left over after the fighting ended.

Check out episode 1004 and discover what those resourceful agents in the Yuma Border Sector did with surplus M8A1 mat and how it is helping secure our southern border.

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