1017 – Hurricane Irma Blues and Why Ho Chi Minh hated America

Hurricane Irma, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Hurricane Irma Aftermath

The previous episode of this podcast, number 1016, ended with the announcement the podcast CP was soon to be under attack by Hurricane Irma much the same way Lima Site 85 on Phou Pha Thi in Laos was assaulted in 1968. Shortly after the episode was put on the air Irma scored a nearly dead hit on the podcast CP. This episode, number 1017, will be an after action report of the hurricane hit and a bonus report on Ken Burns impressive documentary, The Vietnam War.

Hurricane Irma blasted Lake Placid and the immediate environs with sustained winds in excess of 100 mph for six hours. The podcast CP which is located in the writer’s residence held up well until about 11:00 pm, Saturday night (September 9, 2017). At that time a window next to the podcast broadcast center blew out and 120 MPH winds and rain blasted into the room. The writer of this piece was slashed by flying glass which required ten stitches to close the wounds.

After ten days of no power, water, phones, TV or internet service, things are slowly coming back. The stitches have been removed and all essential services have been reinstated. The podcast should be back on a regular schedule beginning with this episode.

Ho Chi Minh, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Ho Chi Minh

The electrical power came back in time to for the writer to view the second episode of Ken Burns documentary about the Vietnam War. There have been both positive and negative opinions about the program. The first episode of the program may have covered the real reason why Ho Chi Minh hated America. If it did not you will be pleased to know the reason why will be explained in detail in the podcast.

If you want to know why the opposition forces in Vietnam, namely the NVA and National Liberation Front were willing to take so much punishment from the Americans and keep on ticking listen to episode 1017.

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