1018 – Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War and Troy Walker


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Episode 1018 will feature an editorial about the Ken Burns epic documentary The Vietnam War found in the Morehead News of Kentucky titled: New PBS series on Vietnam gritty, painful. Also highlighted will be the noble project initiated by an Army veteran designed to help those being affected by veteran suicides.

The epic documentary The Vietnam War is half way through its ten part run consisting of 18 hours of gut wrenching information. In the opinion of the Morehead News editorial staff, “The Vietnam War” series is a gritty, painful history lesson that should be seen by every American. They contend “It offers powerful evidence that we Americans were intentionally misled by our political and military leaders about the corrupt governments in the South, our failure to win support of the people and told outright lies about battlefield successes.”

Whatever a person’s opinion is toward the Vietnam War it is very important for all to see this program. The cost of that war in life and treasure to all parties involved is so high it should never be repeated. Knowing the reasons why the War came about will help succeeding generations from making the same tragic mistakes.

Troy Walker - Dog Tag Furniture, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Troy Walker’s‏ Dog Tag Furniture project is the only non-profit organization dedicated to paying for veteran’s funerals.

Troy Walker is an Army veteran who lives in Norwood Young, Minnesota, not too far from Minneapolis. A while back one of his best friends from his Army days committed suicide. His friend’s widow let Troy know she did not have the resources to provide a proper burial for her late husband. Troy stepped forward to help his friend’s widow. What he did for her led him to create a tremendous program that helps many others in the same situation.

CLICK HERE and discover the wonderful thing Troy Walker is doing to make a big difference for other veterans and their families.

Listen to episode 1018 and discover the full story about what veteran Troy Walker is up to and what the editorial board at the Morehead News really thinks about Ken Burns epic documentary The Vietnam War.

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