1022 – Pensacola Vietnam Vets are watching War PBS documentary show

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Vietnam Army veteran Ron Smith shows off a replica of the 5-ton gun truck on Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017, that he built based on the one he drove while serving in Vietnam.(Photo: Tony Giberson/tgiberson@pnj.com)

Episode 1022 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will be a continuation of the discussion about Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s epic documentary, The Vietnam War, currently being aired on PBS TV. Part 8 of the 10 part program covered numerous topics that were mostly of a down lifting nature.

They included:

  1. POWs both in the Hanoi Hilton and these unlucky enough to be held south of the DMZ.
  2. Hamburger Hill which brought up the question of why would we fight so hard for a piece of real estate and then leave as soon as we took the place.
  3. The Vietnamization policy which the show put forth as being only a ploy by President Nixon to get out of Vietnam with honor.
  4. The Woodstock rock festival.
  5. The ugly side of Race relations in Vietnam.
  6. The terrible practice of “fragging” where soldiers were killing their officers.
  7. The tortured peace talks in Paris.
  8. The death of Ho Chi Minh.
  9. Violent anti-war protests.
  10. The My Lai incident where Lt Calley and his heroes murdered over 100 villagers.
  11. The incursion into the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  12. The Kent State riots where three students were killed by gunfire from National Guard troops.

It would be safe to assume Part 8 of the series was on the depressing side. Despite the hard hitting effects of the documentary, veterans seem to be watching it in droves. A story in The Pensacola News Journal Titled: ‘Painful to watch:’ Veterans keep close eye on new PBS documentary on Vietnam War which was submitted by Melissa Nelson Gabriel (mnelsongab@pnj.com) veterans in the Pensacola are watching every episode with interest.

Listen to episode 1022 and discover what Pensacola area Vietnam Veterans Lenny Collins, Steve Hatfield, Clif “Spanky” Graf and Ron Smith have to say about the program and their thoughts about the war.

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