1023 – Mack Payne’s take on Show 9 of The Vietnam War documentary


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Episode 1023 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will be a full blown and nothing else but a review of Part 9 of the Burns and Novick epic documentary, The Vietnam War. In this show part Burns and Novick take the lid off the Vietnam War septic tank and throws it away. A lot of unsavory topics were aired. This will become evident when the show topics are reviewed.

The show ended with an upbeat story covering the release of the POWs with all its happiness, glee and relief. Finally the prisoners were released. Some had been in the Hanoi Hilton for many years including the Air Force pilot who had been held since 1964. It was uplifting to see the happy reunions of families and loved ones.

The rest of the show was on the unsavory side. Here is what else Burns and Novick chose to feature:

  1. War protesters – They pointed out how the protesters back during the Vietnam War made today’s dissenters demanding safe spaces on college campuses and Black Lives Matter carping about perceived police brutality look tame in comparison. Hopefully the latter day protesters don’t imitate those of the Vietnam Era.
  2. The Pentagon Papers – Is there nothing sacred anymore? Daniel Ellsberg and his cohorts don’t believe so as indicated in his decision to steal and release the top secret report on the Vietnam War.
  3. President Nixon – Of course they had to bash Nixon as a crass self serving politician who cared about nothing other than his reelection. They did have to grudgingly give him credit for opening up ties with Communist China and building better relations with the Soviet Union.
  4. Agent Orange – No critical review of the Vietnam War would be complete without a condemnation of our use of our despicable use of the deadly defoliant known as Agent Orange.
  5. Operation Linebacker I and II – These operations involved the heavy use of massive B-52 bomber attacks that turned out to be extremely effective.
  6. The Burned Girl – The iconic image of young Kim Phuc running naked and badly burned after being hit with napalm by a South Vietnamese Sky Raider pilot can never be forgotten.
  7. Jane Fonda – What else can you say when it comes to depressing topics related to the Vietnam War. She has to rank at the top of that list.

Don’t miss Part 10, the final installment of this epic documentary.

Listen to episode 1023 for the full review of the 9th installment of The Vietnam War.

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