1026 – Vietnam Vet Blaine Taylor opines on The Vietnam War program


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Blaine Taylor

Episode 1026 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature the opinion Vietnam Vet Blaine Taylor toward Ken Burns’ documentary The Vietnam War. Taylor’s thoughts on the program were presented in a piece provided to the  Maryland Reporter website titled: Vietnam TV series veered leftward, siding with Communist winners and anti-war movement.

Taylor is well qualified to offer a accurate and well thought out description of the program. In 1972 he earned a BA in history from Towson University. He received training at the US Army Infantry School, Ft. Benning, GA, 1966; US Army Jungle & Guerilla Warfare Training Center, HI, 1965; Basic Training, Ft. Jackson, SC, 1965 and Advanced Infantry Training, Ft. Dix, NJ, 1965.

He served with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade in the Vietnam War in 1966-67 and was awarded 12 medals and decorations, including Combat Infantryman’s Badge/CIB. After he service in Vietnam with the US Army, he became a published author, magazine editor and freelance writer. He has also worked in banking, retail sales, advertising, public relations.

Like many other Vietnam Veterans he watched the entire ten episodes of the documentary and came away with the opinion Burns and Novick “veered leftward, siding with the Communist winners and the anti-war crowd.” He felt the two producers were tilting the program series toward the more malleable under 50 crowd, figuring they concluded the older generations had already firmed up their attitudes toward the war.

Taylor said this about the program: “thus, the North Vietnamese veterans were uniformly portrayed as valiant freedom fighters who won, American veterans depicted as having turned against their own war, and U.S. anti-war movement members, draft-dodgers, and those who left our country also being right. Those of us who fought it as a war worth waging were wrong.”

Listen to episode 1026 of this podcast to discover Taylor’s thoughtful viewpoint of what should really be focused on when looking at the Vietnam War itself.

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