1027 – Vietnam Vet Bob Baker’s take on The Vietnam War doc


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W.R. (Bob) Baker

Episode 1027 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature another opinion about Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s epic documentary The Vietnam War. This particular show viewpoint comes from a Vietnam Veteran well qualified in experience and education to make an astute assessment of the thimblerig game pulled off by messrs. Burns and Novick with their documentary.

W.R. (Bob) Baker submitted his opinion in a piece published in The Small Wars Journal blog titled: The Documentary “The Vietnam War”: Artistic License as History. He served in Vietnam in 1971as a 96B/Intelligence Analyst assigned to the 525th MI Group headquartered in Da Nang. That was followed by assignments at Fort Bliss, Texas, two tours with the European Defense Analysis Center (EUDAC) in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany; and finally the 513th MI Group in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.

After service in the Army he worked as an analyst for Interstate Electronics, Northrop-Grumman and Xontec defense contractors then became a teacher in Maryland primary and secondary schools. Baker has a bachelor of science degree in Government from the University of Maryland and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton. He has authored articles about the Easter Offensive in Vietnam during 1972 where it is estimated the NVA forces lost 75,000 soldiers and 250 to 700 tanks. He is currently writing a book on this subject.

With these qualifications in mind it is the opinion of this writer Baker’s comments carry much weight. He not only served in country as an intelligence analyst in the military the documentary was furcating but he has continued studying the war in later years.

His opinion is radically opposed to those of the many cupcakes who are in complete agreement with the documentary’s conclusion that the North Vietnamese were a bunch of innocent choir boys and the US were losers and totally wrong.

Listen to episode 1027 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast and discover the accurate assessment of the documentary by someone who knows the truth.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised to stumble onto this site and the article I wrote for the Small Wars Journal. One correction, however. While I once lived in Maryland, I never taught there and I am now completely retired. Finishing my book consumes most of my time now.
    BTW, the SWJ also has a couple of other articles I have written.

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