1032 – LT Donald R. Judd remembered

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Lt. Donald R. Judd of Genesee County, New York

Episode 1032 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will be devoted to the memory of Lt. Donald R. Judd of Genesee County, New York. He died on a lonely mountain numbered 1338 on military maps near Dak To in Vietnam.

Judd’s life was featured in The Burns and Novick epic documentary, The Vietnam War. The fourth program titled, “Resolve,” told the story of Donald R. Judd, an outstanding young man who grew up in the Alexander community of Genesee County and attended Notre Dame High School in Batavia. As he matured he showed the obvious promise that earned him an appointment to West Point Military Academy. He graduated from that highly regarded institution in 1966, and within a year found himself assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Kontum Province as they chased the elusive North Vietnamese Army. On June 22, 1967 the NVA found them and proceeded to cut his platoon to pieces.

In an oped for the New York Times Burns and Novick said they hope to persuade Americans to take a “long, hard look” at the war. The continued with: “If we can unpack this enormously complicated event, immerse ourselves in it and see it with fresh eyes, we might come to terms with one of the most consequential, and most misunderstood, events in our history and perhaps inoculate ourselves against the further spread of the virulent disunion that afflicts us.”

Jack Todd, vietnam veteran news

Jack Todd, deserter

As a part of their “unpacking process” they decided to feature Judd’s story. It is a powerful story that is in stark contrast to those of the cowards like deserter, Jack Todd who ran away from serving their country in Vietnam and renounced their citizenship to became Canadians.

Listen to episode 1032 of the Vietnam Veteran News and discover the story about a brave and outstanding young man from Genesee County who served and died in Vietnam for his country.

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