1047 – California appreciates it’s Vietnam Veterans


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Judy Rodgers of the Wings and Rotors Air Museum at French Valley Airport helps organize a “Salute to Vietnam!” party, Oct. 21, where guests were encouraged to dress in 1970s era attire. Proceeds from the event benefit the nonprofit museum’s operations. Shane Gibson photo

Episode 1047 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an event that illustrates the turning around of American opinion toward it’s Vietnam Veterans. The Vietnam Veteran Generation is a great as any that ever answered the call of duty from its country. Despite this, it was wrongly maligned when it’s members came home after serving in a very challenging conflict in the jungles of a foreign land. Finally a new day is dawning on a new appreciation for those Vietnam Veterans and the nation is beginning to see them as the heroes they truly are in fact.

Across this great nation Vietnam Veterans are beginning to receive the belated recognition and gratitude they expected when they returned to the shores of America after serving in Vietnam.

All sorts of events are taking place that are designed to show Vietnam Veterans how much they are appreciated. Recently a Vietnam Veteran appreciation event took place in Murrieta, California at the Wings & Rotors Air Museum in French Valley on Oct. 21, 2017. It was covered in a story in The Valley News titled: Airplane museum in French Valley throws 70s-style party honoring Vietnam War veterans by Alex Groves.

Groves reported that the Wings & Rotors Air Museum has been in existence for more than a decade and it was decided to hold a fund raiser event to benefit the work they do to rehab and maintain military aircraft most of which are from the Vietnam War Era.

Judy Rodgers, a museum manager, said: “Since we’re basically a Vietnam-era museum, we decided to have our first fundraiser be a Nam-era theme. “We’re paying tribute to our Vietnam Veterans, and we thought it would be fun to come dressed in your 70s attire.”

Listen to episode 1047 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast and discover the full story about the event along with ancillary comments by yours truly, the podcast host.

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  1. I had the honor of giving the opening prayer at the Salute to Vietnam Wings & Rotors Air Museum on Oct 21. I also had the privilege of performing with the Phoenix Patriot Band at the event.

    Thank you for the coverage and remembering all of us that served during that time our country was so divided and so many took it out on troops that served. Let the healing continue.

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