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Laotian Fighters

In episode 1049 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the truth about the Kingdom of Laos and its role in the Second Indo-China War will be featured. That truth was delivered in a story that appeared in The American Thinker website titled: The War in Laos: Why Still Secret? and submitted by Steve Sherman. Sherman is well qualified to talk about this issue. He served with 5th Special Forces Group in Vietnam. He is presently the editor of a series of books on the Second Indochina War and a principal contributor to a website devoted to correcting the Burns/PBS documentary of the Vietnam War.

The subject of the secret war in Laos was brought to the forefront by Sherman when he commented on the belated award of the Medal of Honor to Gary Michael Rose. Rose was cited for heroism when he participated in Operation Tailwind in May of 1970. Since Operation Tailwind took place in Laos near the Bolevens Plateau, the citation which Rose received stated that his actions took place “deep within enemy-controlled territory.”

Sherman thinks it is now time to tell the truth about what was going on in the Kingdom of Laos during the Vietnam War. In 1962 an agreement was hammered out between the US, Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam to demilitarize Cambodia and Laos. Dutifully the United States withdrew its 666 military personnel from Laos in accordance with this agreement. The North Vietnamese ceremonially withdrew 25 personnel and seemingly forgot about the other 10,000 troops they had remaining in Laos.

Listen to episode 1049 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast and discover the full story that tells the truth about the history of the savage war fought in that backwater part of the world and the effects it had on the outcome of the Vietnam War.

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