1052 – Hunting with Heroes – a great thing for Vietnam Vets

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Terrance Racine of Hermosa shows off the antelope he shot as part of the Hunting With Heroes program in Riverton, Wyo., Sept. 16.

Episode 1052 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will revisit the Hunting with Heroes program in Wyoming and take a look at the positive effects it is having on Vietnam Veterans. The program was first introduced to the podcast back in episode 1034. Recently Geoff Preston, a staff writer with the Rapid City Journal wrote a story about Vietnam Veteran Terrance Racine’s experiences as he was treated to a Hunting with Heroes big game hunt near Riverton, Wyoming. The story was titled: Hermosa resident appreciates Hunting with Heroes by Geoff Preston Journal staff.

Terrance recounted how he was treated when he returned home to his northern Minnesota hometown after the war and not being able to find work. He still remembers the way people looked at him when he moved to Wisconsin, knowing he was a veteran of what was an unpopular war.

On top of that he suffered from a heart condition resulting from exposure to Agent Orange. Terrance had a heart attack and had to undergo a quadruple bypass in 2009. He was unable to work as an accountant in Wisconsin after the surgery when he was declared 100 percent disabled.

By chance he was wearing a Vietnam Veteran cap while dining at the Blaze Pizza restaurant in Rapid City. A rancher from Gillette saw him wearing his ‘Vietnam Veteran’ hat and asked him if he served and if he was disabled. That conversation resulted in Terrance being chosen for the Hunting with Heroes big game hunt at Riverton in September of 2017 led by local hunter Darin Coyle.

Terrance said this about his big game hunt: “It’s so much more than a thank-you. They’re letting these guys know that they really care about them.”

Listen to episode 1052 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast and discover the heartwarming story about the Hunting with Heroes program.

Email Darin Coyle at huntingwithheroes2017@yahoo.com

or call him at 307-851-1634.

CLICK HERE for more information about Hunting with Heroes.


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