1054 – Vietnam Soldier statue coming to Warrenton, Oregon


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Portland artist Mark Kenny stands next to the monument he created.

In episode 1054 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the inspiring story of what the good people out in Warrenton, Oregon are doing to honor all our veterans with a special emphasis on Vietnam Veterans. The happening was covered in two newspaper articles. One was found in the AP titled: Bronze statue of Vietnam War soldier coming to Warrenton The other story is from The Daily Astorian titled: Soldier statue coming to downtown Warrenton and was submitted by Jack Heffernan.

According to Heffernan, the idea to erect a statue to honor its veterans was conceived 27 years ago when local Veteran of Foreign Wars 10580 post started a fundraising campaign to finance the project. Unfortunately it was delayed to an economic downturn but they never gave up hope.

They did not give up and decided to seek help with a grant from the state Parks and Recreation Department in April of 2017. The resolve of the local promoters was shown when Debbie Little, president of VFW 10580 auxiliary, decided to increase their chances of getting help from the state by taking a grant-writing class. Her grant-writing class yielded fruit when in April they were awarded a $72,020 grant from the state Parks and Recreation Department.

Debbie Little’s husband Bert, VFW Quartermaster, also reached out to residents and businesses for monetary and service donations and gained political support from local officials such as state Sen. Betsy Johnson.

Organizers raised more funds for the project by selling 4-inch by 8-inch concrete memorial bricks that will be placed in the area below the statue. Bricks are still available for purchase for up to $60 and are intended to individually honor local veterans by name.

For information on how to donate to the Warrenton veteran statue project, you can contact the VFW Post by calling 503-739-1071 or emailing vfwpost10580@gmail.com.

Listen to episode 1054 and get more information about this noble project being carried out in Warrenton, Oregon.

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