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Thai soldiers in South Vietnam. Credit National Archives of Thailand

In episode 1055 of the Vietnam Veteran News a positive story about the Vietnam War will be featured. It comes from The New York Times titled: Why Thailand Takes Pride in the Vietnam War and was submitted by Richard A. Ruth. He is an associate professor of history at the United States Naval Academy and the author of “In Buddha’s Company: Thai Soldiers in the Vietnam War.”

Most common opinions this day and time of the Vietnam War are negative. During and after the War most all commentary about the event centered around every negative aspect about it that could be dredged up by the media, the intelligentsia and left wing professional anti-war agitators. This resulted in an impression by many the US lost the war because it was mismanaged by political leaders who were more concerned about their poll numbers than American lives.

The recently aired epic documentary The Vietnam War by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick helped perpetuate the idea the War was a mistake and the American effort there was a complete failure.

Thank God for the New York Times story that belies the prevailing opinions foisted on all that the North Vietnamese were the only winners in that conflict. Richard Ruth in his article shows how North Vietnam was a winner in name only. He stated: “In the two decades after Hanoi’s capture of Saigon, a unified Vietnam endured warfare, poverty and isolation. The most common images of Vietnam in this period were those of desperate seaborne refugees — the Vietnamese boat people — who risked their lives to escape the deprivation and harassment in the postwar period.

Ruth went on to describe the remarkable experience of the nation of Thailand during and after their participation in the Vietnam War. He shows how it came out of the Vietnam War a winner.

Listen to episode 1055 and discover the amazing story about a true winner in that War.

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