1060 – The Vietnam Wall Memorial is 35


Episode 1060 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam Memorial Wall. The event was held on November 11, 2017 at the Wall in Washington DC and covered with a story by Michael Alison Chandler in The Washington Post titled: Ceremony marks the 35th anniversary of the Vietnam Wall.  

It was reported that many people attended the event to celebrate the 35th anniversary including Vice President Mike Pence who joined a group of volunteers and helped to clean the granite wall. The Wall is a tribute to the outstanding efforts of Vietnam Veteran Jan Scruggs who formed up the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in 1979 for the expressed purpose of creating a monument in Washington DC to remember and honor all our Vietnam Veterans.

Also cited at the event was Maya Lin. She was the Yale University architecture student who came to the Mall in 1980 to work on a funerary architecture class  assignment. Little did she realize her class work would eventually win a national contest and become the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, attracting millions of visitors a year and offering a place of healing for veterans and those who love them.

She said this to a group of veterans at the event: She described her vision in more detail: “The walls would not be massive, but instead thin and light, so the names alone would be the object of attention, and they would be polished to a mirror shine so visitors could see their reflection and feel a part of it. The memorial would be deep enough underground to offer “refuge but not enough to become oppressive.” She also told them she was deeply honored to have played a part in their story.

Listen to episode 1060 and discover the whole story about this wonderful event.

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