1064 – What really happened in Vietnam

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North Vietnamese troops on parade

Episode 1064 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast is appropriately titled: What really happened in Vietnam. Ever since the American military machine left the country in 1973, two years before the North Vietnamese sent twenty two armored divisions on a successful mission to take over the hapless South Vietnamese nation, what happened in Vietnam has been a hot topic of discussion.

Recently a helpful story on the subject appeared in The Daily Beast titled: How They Did It – The Genius of North Vietnam’s War Strategy. The story was provided by James A. Warren. Mr. Warren is a writer and a former visiting scholar in the American Studies Department at Brown University.  He is the author of Giap: The General Who Defeated America in Vietnam, and American Spartans: The United States Marines: A Combat History from Iwo Jima to Iraq, among other books.

He offers an interesting opinion as to why the US failed to accomplish its mission of propping up the government of South Vietnam. It is the opinion of this writer that the salient points revealed in his article should be made well known to the leaders of this country so we will not repeat the misjudgments committed by our leaders in that situation.

One has to wonder at how it turned out as it did considering the fact the Americans were never defeated on the military battlefield. Fact is Hanoi’s strategists from the git go never imagined they could defeat America militarily through battlefield victories even though they always publicly maintained they could.  They knew there was no hope of matching the Americans’ military power. The North Vietnamese were not too worried though. They confidently believed that they had an ace up their sleeve that would guarantee they would prevail against all that American fire power.

Listen to episode 1064 and discover why the Vietnam War turned out the way it did.

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