1065 – 50 years later Vietnam Vet dog tags found

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. Col. Richard Kibbey’s sons (left to right) John, 52, Dave, 58, and Rick, 63, stand by the modified flag box that will house their father’s dog tags at Rick Kibbey’s Viera home. Dave Kibbey built the oak flag box.

Episode 1065 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature an MIA family who has finally after 50 years received a small degree of closure for their missing loved on. A story about this event appeared in Brevard County’s Florida Today and was titled: Space Coast family gets missing dad’s Vietnam War dog tags — 50 years after copter crash.  The story was submitted by Rick Neale, Florida Today.

Losing a loved one in Vietnam was a terrible burden to bear and over 58,000 families went through that harrowing experience. If anything could have been worse than having a loved one make the ultimate sacrifice in the War was that of becoming a family member of an MIA. Those families are held in a suspended state of wonder, doubt and hope. Not knowing the fate of a service member can rip apart the family’s psyche.

As described in Neale’s story, The family of US Air Force Capt. Richard “Dick” Kibbey has been in that suspended state of heart wrenching sadness and doubt for 50 years. On February 6, 2017 Kibbey was flying his first rescue mission over the Kingdom of Laos near the Mu Ghia Pass. He was flying an HH-3E “Jolly Green Giant” helicopter trying to rescue a downed US airman when his aircraft was stitched with North Vietnamese anti-aircraft fire which caused it to crash and explode against a sheer limestone escarpment.

At that time Kibbey was married to Mary Ann and they had four children including sons Rick Dave and John, and sister Terry. Mary Ann passed away in 1979 and the children believe she died of a broken heart as she wondered if her husband was alive.

Finally in September 2015 something significant happened for the surviving Kibbey siblings.

Listen to episode 1065 and discover the story about how an MIA family received a glimmer of hope about their missing father.

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