1066 – Big event coming up for the Hmong people in Wisconsin

Mary Cayford and Jim Vang, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Mary Cayford and Jim Vang

In this episode number 1066 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast another story about the Hmong People will be featured. They have been highlighted on this podcast before. They first appeared in episode 111 when the plight of the Hmong People was discussed. They were recently mentioned in an article found in The Waupaca County News titled: Hmong in Wisconsin.

The Hmong People of Laos were similar to the Montagnard Tribesmen of Vietnam in that they were a group of aboriginal inhabitants of the mountainous regions of Indo-China who were satisfied to live out their simple lives in the peaceful isolation in the mountains. Unfortunately both groups were discriminated by the later arriving Sinicized Vietnamese who did not treat them with equity.

Another similarity between the two aboriginal groups is that they both threw in their lots with the newly arrived Americans. They were hoping for a little assistance it their own fight with the communists. The Montagnards partnered up with the US Special Forces in South Vietnam to battle the NVA and Viet Cong. The Hmong fighters were recruited by the CIA during the Vietnam War to help the “secret army” in Laos challenge the North Vietnamese Army and disrupt the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

General Van Pao, the leader of the Hmong People met with the CIA “spooks” and agreed to help the Americans in Laos battle the NVA and assist in the recovery of downed US airmen. The commitment of the Hmong fighters was concluded with a handshake by the General. Sadly, one part of the deal was that the Americans would stand by the Hmong and take care of them regardless of how the war turned out. Much to the dismay of the Hmong and Montagnard peoples the Americans did not follow through on that promise.

Listen to episode 1066 and discover what happened to the Hmong People after Vietnam.

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