1070 – Australia to commemorate its Vietnam Veterans at Wanneroo

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Medhi Rasulle’s design for the Koondoola Peace Park features Australian and Vietnamese soldiers, a Long Tan Cross and lotus flower.

In Episode 1070 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the feature is a report on a wonderful development for Vietnam Veterans that is happening in Wanneroo, Western Australia, Australia. It was described in a story found in The Wanneroo Times titled: Koondoola Peace Park and Vietnam War tribute proposal approved by City of Wanneroo and written by Lucy Jarvis of the Wanneroo Times staff.

The City of Wanneroo had decided to spend $198,020(Aus) for the creation of a memorial in its Koondoola Park. Quinns Rocks sculptor Mehdi Rasulle has presented a proposal that has received a great deal of support by the working committee.

One of the primary goals of the memorial will be to honor the service of Australians who participated in the Battle of Long Tan that occurred back in August of 1966 in Vietnam.  The battle took off when a force of 100 Australian soldiers encountered 2500 NVA soldiers in a rubber plantation. The Australians prevailed and when the smoke cleared after the day long battle 245 NVA soldiers lay dead. The brave Australians suffered 18 dead. It is believed the NVA lost more than 245 soldiers because of their policy of removing as many of their dead as possible after a battle. It is appropriate for the Australians to be proud of their soldier’s performance in the battle.

Wanneroo city leaders stated they are aiming “to create a space for reflection and commemoration for people who had done military service and their family members, particularly during the Vietnam War.”  The project working group includes representatives from the Vietnamese Association of Western Australia and the Wanneroo Returned and Service League of Australia.

Wanneroo mayor Tracey Roberts said “many members of our community will find this a very special place to sit and reflect.” Domenic Zappa, the city councilor who put forward the original motion for a peace park in 2016, said it would be a special place for service men and women who fought in the Vietnamese conflict.

Listen to episode 1070 and discover more about this wonderful thing the good people of  Wanneroo, Western Australia are doing to commemorate their veterans.

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