1072 – Vietnam Vet Dr. Brian S. Joseph has a story

Dr. Brian S. Joseph , vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Dr. Brian S. Joseph helped develop a heroin treatment program in Vietnam after the military became concerned that mechanics who were addicts might be putting pilots and crew at risk if they were working on aircraft while high. (Derek Gee/Buffalo News)

Episode 1072 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature another outstanding representative of the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation. He is Dr. Brian S. Joseph of Amherst, New York which is not far from Buffalo. His story was told in an article in The Buffalo News titled: Doctor studying psychiatry helped soldiers in Vietnam hooked on heroin and submitted by Lou Michel reporter for The Buffalo News.

Brian S. Joseph grew up in North Buffalo and as long as he could remember he had a passion for helping people. Psychiatry was the method he chose to pursue that passion.  In 1969 he received an invitation from Uncle Sam to pack up his psychiatric talents and bring them with him for a yearlong tour in Vietnam. He had just completed medical school at the University at Buffalo and was completing his first year of psychiatric residency at the old E.J. Meyer Memorial Hospital in 1969.

They made him a flight surgeon and assigned him to an Army aviation unit at Can Tho which is way down south in the delta of Vietnam. Joseph immediately got to work on a serious problem facing the military in the country – a heroin epidemic among soldiers fighting the Vietnam.

Joseph described the situation and a step he took to help remedy the challenge: “There was a heroin epidemic raging among the enlisted men at the time and concern that some of the mechanics fixing the helicopters were high on heroin. “myself, the chaplain on the base and another officer developed a heroin treatment program for anyone who would come forward.”

Listen to episode 1072 and discover more about what this outstanding Vietnam Veteran, Dr. Brian S. Joseph did for the troops in Vietnam battling heroin addiction and the outstanding service he rendered to his country when he came home to Buffalo, New York.

 Brian S. Joseph, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Dr. Brian S. Joseph, right, with his colonel at Can Tho Army Airfield in Vietnam in 1971, helped soldiers who were dealing with addiction while serving. (Courtesy of Brian S. Joseph)

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