1075 – Filipino love child finds Vietnam Vet dad fifty years later



Episode 1075 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a special love story. It is about a Vietnam Veteran, Gary Barnes, who recently met his daughter he never knew existed. The event was describe in a story from the Union newspaper which serves western Nevada County, California titled: DNA match introduces Grass Valley man to his daughter for the first time that was submitted by Matthew Pera.

The story began one day when Barnes was relaxing at his home in Grass Valley. As he sat back and enjoyed the view of the beautiful mountain scenery he received a phone call out of the blue asking if he would submit to a DNA test. He said—sure! and the story began. More samples were sent to Ancestry.com and before he knew it he was speaking to the fifty year old daughter he never knew was there.

The daughter, Olivia Robles, had being searching for her real father ever since she was ten years old. That was when she made the discovery her mother’s husband was not her biological father. Her mother and real father, Barnes, got together in 1966 while he was serving in the US Navy and on an R & R in the Philippines. He moved on and Olivia’s beautiful mother kept a secret from Gary. She never uttered a word about their daughter.

Back in 2014 Gary Barnes’s cousin, Diana Barnes, who lives in Alabama, submitted a DNA sample to Ancestry.com. When her DNA was analyzed she received a list of close matches that included Olivia Robles, a name she did not know. Olivia received a notification from Ancestry.com her DNA makeup was a close match with Diana Barnes. Olivia took that clue and ran with it.

Listen to episode 1075 of the podcast and discover the exciting story of how the lives of a father and his long lost daughter came together after a fifty year period of time.

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