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Atlanta History Center

Episode 1075 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will highlight the Atlanta History Center and their “More Than Self: Living the Vietnam War” exhibit. There was a story about it on The Atlanta Planit website titled: Atlanta History Center’s Vietnam War Exhibit Delivers Firsthand Views that was submitted by Gabbie Watts

The Atlanta History Center, nee Atlanta Historical Society, was founded in 1926 by fourteen Atlanta citizens who had a passion for their city’s historical relevance in society. 1990 is when the Atlanta Historical Society officially became the Atlanta History Center. This occurred after decades of after decades of researching, collecting, publishing and celebrating the early stories of the city of Atlanta. In 2016, the Atlanta History Center expanded its horizons to connect people, history, and culture in an effort to be more relevant in today’s quickly changing world.

The center’s current exhibit titled: “More Than Self: Living the Vietnam War” comes out of the center’s larger Veterans History Project that started in 1999. That project features veterans’ stories from live interviews.

Sue Verhoef, the Atlanta History Center’s Director of Oral History and Genealogy, said this about the Vietnam War exhibit: “It’s an opportunity for anyone to hear what happened from the people who experienced it.” The exhibit has six sections which covers the various themes that came out of numerous interviews with Vietnam Veterans. In addition to the oral histories there are pictures and a large array of Vietnam War relics.

All who can are encouraged to visit the Atlanta History Center located at 130 West Paces Ferry Road NW in Atlanta. It is so important to know the history of something like the Vietnam War so that we might not make similar mistakes in the future.

Listen to episode 1076 of the podcast and discover more about the Atlanta History Center’s More Than Self: Living the Vietnam War exhibit.

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