1077 – Aussie Karl Quinn’s take on The Vietnam War documentary

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Karl Quinn, journalist with the Sydney Morning Herald.

In episode 1077 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the perspective of an Australian journalist, Karl Quinn, toward the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick epic documentary The Vietnam War will be featured. It is important for Americans to value the viewpoint of the Australians because next to Korea and Thailand they were one of our most valued allies in that War.

Australians were willing to support the American effort in Vietnam as a result of their concerns about the growth of communism in Southeast Asia after the Second World War. Australia’s active entry in the War began in 1962 when they sent 30 military advisors to Vietnam. Their commitment to the War peaked out at 7,672 military personnel in 1965. The Australians pulled out along with the Americans in 1972. That turned out to be Australia’s longest war to date where they paid a price of 521 killed and 3,000 wounded. That is why Americans should always value and honor the Australians due to their willingness to help in the fight to stem the tide of world communist domination.

Quinn recently wrote a show review that appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald that was titled: Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s Vietnam War series is 10 hours in hell, well spent. The review byline gives a reasonably sound idea as to his opinion of the show. It reads: ” This superb 10-part series from the makers of The Civil War goes way beyond America’s pain to tell a story of a bigger tragedy a century in the making.”

Quinn’s review examines The Vietnam War in a step by step fashion that leaves the reader with an excellent overview of the show and enough facts about the War so they can draw their own conclusions.

Listen to episode 1077 of this podcast and discover exactly what Karl Quinn thinks about the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick epic documentary The Vietnam War.

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