1082 – Another reason why we fought in Vietnam


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Amory surgeon Dr. Hoat Hoang shakes hands with Vietnam War veteran David Burlison Sr. of Quincy after the two meet for the first time. Burlison was a sailor who served on a mission to rescue 30,000 refugees after the fall of Saigon, and Hoang was one of the ones saved. [Emily Paul – Monroe County Journal]

Episode 1082 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will take a look at another reason to understand and answer the question – what were we fighting for in Vietnam. Country Joe McDonald of the singing group Country Joe and the Fish asked the question in his black comedy novelty song about the Vietnam War, I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die, “what are we fighting for.”

Back in episode 1080 the reasons for fighting in Vietnam was examined from the perspective of the story of a US Army Deserter, Charles Jenkins, that detailed life in the communist country North Korea.

In this episode another answer to Country Joe’s question arose out of a story about a Vietnamese refugee and one of the US Navy sailors who assisted in his escape from another forming communist “paradise” created when North Vietnam took over South Vietnam. The story appeared in the Monroe Journal of Tupelo, Mississippi and was titled: Vietnam veteran, refugee connect 42 years after famed rescue mission. It was submitted by John Ward of the Monroe Journal.

It seems it is a small world after all. Vietnamese refugee Hoat Hoang was six years old when his family made a treacherous escape from his home country back in 1975. Somehow he survived and went on to become a surgeon in Amory, Mississippi.

It turns out that David Burlison, Sr. lives in Quincy, Mississippi, only ten miles away from Amory. He was a Vietnam Veteran serving in the US Navy at the time aboard the USS Kirk. That Navy ship rescued 30,000 Vietnamese who were escaping from the communist who had just taken over South Vietnam.

During the heartwarming meeting Hoang said “I have deep gratitude for the service men and women, specifically the U.S. Navy. We wouldn’t be here if not for their actions.”

Listen to episode 1082 if the podcast and get wise to the whole story about the Burlison/Hoang meeting and its significance in helping understand what we were fighting for in Vietnam.

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