1083 – Son of CIA operative tells Laos story

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Allan Stanton, the author’s father, in a photo dated April 1969. [Courtesy Peter Lang-Stanton]

Episode 1083 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will provide a fascinating look at what the son of a CIA operative found about his late father’s work in “one of the largest clandestine missions in US history” the secret war in Laos during the Vietnam War. Peter Lang-Stanton tells what he found and did not find in his quest to learn more about his father’s activities. His story appeared on the BBC News and was titled: My father fought the CIA’s secret war in Laos.

 It seems a little ridiculous in the first place to treat something that most who participated in the War in Vietnam knew about as being clandestine. As a pilot in the 101st Airborne Division during the Vietnam War who participated in many CCN missions in Laos it was no secret to me and everyone else who participated in such missions something was going on of a military nature in Laos and we were knee deep in it.

Never the less, the CIA operators of the “secret war” in Laos had to maintain a shroud of secrecy surrounded the things they did in the operation. A big part of this story is the part the Hmong people of Laos played in the conflict. They were a Laotian highland tribe recruited by the CIA to fight the Communist Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese.

It was an easy sell to convince the Hmong to join the Americans in their fight against the North Vietnamese because they have been at each other’s throats for many years. The Hmong were valuable allies in the secret war but unfortunately discovered the big white father in Washington sometimes speaks with a forked tongue. They were promised we would always stand by them but as soon as the South Vietnamese lost the war we pulled out and left the faithful Hmong people to the ravages of the communists.

Listen to episode 1083 of the podcast and discover the means used and the results obtained by Peter Lang-Stanton in his quest for knowledge about his father’s work in the CIA during the secret war in Laos.

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