1086 – Vietnam Vet Don Dodson played in the 4th Division Band


The “Famous Fighting Fourth” division band performing in Vietnam.

Don Dodson, Vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Don Dodson at work in Vietnam with his faithful mascot companion .

In episode 1086 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast another excellent representative of the great Vietnam Veteran Generation will be featured. Don Dodson of San Diego, California served in the Forth Infantry Division as a bandsman in the “Famous Fighting Fourth” division band. Recently there was a story about him on Fox 5 in San Diego titled: San Diego man recounts time in the ‘Famous Fighting Fourth’ that was hosted by Ruby Chen.

Chen tells about Dodson growing up in Point Loma and always wanting to be a music teacher. His interest in music led to his assignment to the “Famous Fighting Fourth” division band after he was drafted into the US Army. Her story recounted both his musical and combat experiences in Vietnam.

The “Famous Fighting Fourth” division band apparently had quite a reputation because according to Dodson they traveled all over the country entertaining audiences. All during his tour in Vietnam he not only carried his oboe but he also kept his M-16 close by which came in handy on several occasions.

Don Dodson, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Don Dodson today in La Mesa, CA

Dodson made one comment in the TV interview that needs further comment. He stated: “he wasn’t in the same Vietnam as the warriors” which gives one the impression he did not feel he was as worthy of as much appreciation as the “warriors.” If he does feel that way about his service he is incorrect. All who served in Vietnam deserve the utmost credit and appreciation.

Regardless of a person’s position or job in Vietnam were equally at risk for dying a violent death. All job functions of the military contributed to the common goal of stemming the tide of communism that was sweeping across Southeast Asia at the time. As all who served in Vietnam, band members were soldiers first.

Don Dodson should be proud of his service and he doesn’t have to back up to anyone.

Listen to episode 1086 of the podcast an get the whole story about Don Dodson‘s service to his country both in Vietnam and in Southern California.

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