1087 – Wolf Hound Vietnam Vet finally receives Silver Star


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Paul Harvey and Senator Jack Reed

Episode 1087 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will the feature the story of another outstanding Vietnam Veteran who has belatedly received recognition for bravery while serving in that War. That veteran is Paul Harvey of Jamestown, Rhode Island. There was a story about him and the recognition event in The Narragansett Times titled: Local Vietnam veteran honored by Sen. Reed with awards and was submitted by Philip Cozzolino.

Harvey along with Melvin Page of Kingston, Tennessee another friend of this podcast were members of the 27th Infantry of the 25th Infantry Division (Tropic Lightning). The 27th Infantry was and still is to this day known as the “Wolfhounds.” According to Melvin Page the Wolfhounds with the “fightinest” unit in Vietnam. Paul Harvey’s story backs up that contention.

Harvey’s actions with the Wolfhounds earned him a Silver Star and two Purple Hearts. It is too bad it took fifty years for his awards to catch up with him. Apparently his awards paper work got caught up in the fog of war.

 Both of these brave veterans experienced significant occurrences upon their return to the States. As Melvin Page explained in chapter 2 of the book Conversations with Vietnam Heroes, when he came home from Vietnam he encountered a group of hostile anti-war protesters he assaulted him with words and actions. He became enraged by the actions of the protesters toward a veteran who just returned from a war where he risked his life for those protesters. He went ballistic, tore into them and when the dust had settled four of the protesters had to taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

Listen to podcast episode 1087 and get the whole story about the brave Vietnam Veteran Paul Harvey that includes the heartwarming welcome home he received and the event where he finally received his awards from the War.

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