1090 – US air-power to the rescue in 1972


F-4 Phantom II, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

F-4 Phantom II. Wikimedia Commons/U.S. Air Force

Episode 1090 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will be a tribute to American air power. The example of its greatness to be used here will be a recap of the Easter Offensive that occurred in Vietnam during the spring of 1972. A story in The National Interest website titled: How the U.S. Air Force and Navy Saved South Vietnam in 1972 by Michael Peck lays it out for all to see. That story will be shared in this podcast episode.

To help re-calibrate our perspectives back to the time of 1972 consider this: America was sick and tired of the war, the Watergate was captivating our attention and we were suffering long lines at the gas pump due to the oil crisis. Our primary concern in Vietnam was getting the hell out of the place.

There was little interest in sending American military personnel back to fight in South Vietnam. So when North Vietnam on March 30, 1972 attacked South Vietnam with a conventional force of fourteen North Vietnamese divisions backed up by three hundred tanks, sending American troops in to help was out of the question. Fortunately for the South Vietnamese American air power was a viable political and military option.

The North Vietnamese had paid a high price for their efforts in the Tet Offensive that took place three years prior. Fifty thousand of their fighters paid the ultimate price with their lives. Apparently they were willing to fight to last man to achieve their goal of a unified Vietnam.

The Tet Offensive was intended to be a popular uprising of local National Liberation Front forces assisted by imported NVA forces. The failure of the Tet Offensive did not discourage the North from their goals. They decided to try a conventional military attack in 1972.

Listen to the entire podcast episode 1090 and discovery the important thing American air power did for the South Vietnamese in 1972 during the Easter Offensive.

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