1091 – 4th Division aviator tells his Vietnam story

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Cary Rhodomoyer was a crew chief aboard a Huey gunship with the 4th Aviation Battalion, 4th Infantry Division in South Vietnam. Photo by Chris Brady/The Standard-Journal.

Episode 1091 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature Vietnam Veteran Cary Rhodomoyer. There was a story about him and his time in Vietnam and his challenges with PTSD in The Standard-Journal of Milton, Pennsylvania titled: Combat from a Huey gunship that was submitted by Chris Brady.

In his story Brady described what motivated Rhodomoyer to join the US Army back in 1967. That fateful action led to him becoming a member of Bravo Company, 4th Aviation Battalion of the 4th Infantry which was located in the Central Highlands near Pleiku. His year in Vietnam was filled with action. The 4th Division’s area of operation stretched from the tri-border zone near Dak To down to Ban Me Thout. The AO was filled with enemy personnel primarily due to its closeness to the border with the supposedly neutral countries of Cambodia and Laos.

The Battle of Dak To, one of the most vicious actions of the War took place during Rhodomoyer ‘s tour in Vietnam. He saw things that occurred during and after the battle that were seared into his memory. While there he flew 250 combat hours and was awarded 10 air medals and a Purple Heart.

 After the War he came back home to Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and got on with his life. It was his good fortune to marry his wife of 34 years, Barbara. Although he hid the dark memories he retained from his time in country and never talked about them his wife could tell something was not right with her husband.  She calmly endured his PTSD symptoms caused by such things as his watching sling loads of dead American soldiers being returned from the Battle at Dak To and patiently helped him get relief from his tormenting memories.

Listen to episode 1091 to get the full story about Vietnam Veteran Cary Rhodomoyer and how he is dealing with the scourge of PTSD.

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