1093 – Vietnam Vet Peter T. Thomas led the way

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Peter T. Thomas

In this episode 1093 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast the story of Vietnam Vet Peter T. Thomas will be highlighted. He is another one of those outstanding representatives of the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation, one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from our country. Recently there was a story about him in The News-Gazette of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois titled: Vietnam veteran won’t shy away from a challenge which was submitted by Paul Wood of the News-Gazette.

The story about Peter T. Thomas was selected for this podcast episode coming out on the first day of 2018 because it helps backup this pod-caster’s opinion that the Vietnam Veteran Generation was in fact as great as any that answered the call of duty from its country. Peter T. Thomas along with millions of other Americans served well in Vietnam under difficult and challenging conditions only to return home to an ungrateful country that heaped abuse and contempt on the returning service personnel.

The vast majority of Vietnam Vets came home and continued to serve their country in a wide variety of civilian pursuits. Some like Thomas chose to continue serving his country in the military. He served in the military for thirty years and then put his experience and expertise from the military to work in the Lincoln’s ChalleNGe Academy of Illinois. For twenty years he served at the Academy which included several years as its director.

America should always appreciate its veterans like Thomas T. Thomas.

Listen to episode 1093 of the podcast and get the whole story on Vietnam Vet extraordinaire Peter T. Thomas and how he never shied away from a challenge.

CLICK HERE to see the video by videographer Rick Danzl that shows Peter T. Thomas talk about some of his combat experiences and philosophy on life.


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