1094 – Fighting Vietnam War lies by Chris Kennedy

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Chris Kennedy, son of Bobby Kennedy and nephew of John F. Kennedy

In episode 1094 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast selected lies about the Vietnam War will be challenged. In addition to extolling the service of Vietnam Veterans, one of the main missions of this podcast is to set the record straight about the War. Sometimes the usual suspect lies told about the War are referred to as “Myths” but they are in fact bald faced falsehoods.

Too often, politicians and special interest groups find it convenient to utilize misstatements about the Vietnam War in their appeals to certain groups of voters and influence peddlers. One such example of a politician repeating lies about the War to curry favor with certain voters was exposed by Chris Kaergard, a political reporter with the Journal Star of Peoria, Illinois.

Kaergard interviewed Chris Kennedy, the son of Bobby Kennedy and the nephew of John F. Kennedy. Chris Kennedy of one of six candidates seeking the governorship of Illinois repeated an egregious myth about the sociological makeup of those who served in the War.

The record on that issue was set straight by an opinion piece by Lan Cao in The Washington Post titled: Five myths about the Vietnam War. She is a professor at Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law, is the author, most recently, of the novel “Lotus and the Storm.”

Another common myth about the Vietnam War had to do with race relations about military personnel. A very revealing look at that situation can be found in an opinion piece by Gerald F. Goodwin in the New York Times titled: Black and White in Vietnam. Goodwin’s take on the subject just might surprise the reader.

Listen to episode 1094 of this podcast and discover more about the despicable lies still being told to this day about the Vietnam War and the brave veterans who served in that war.

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