1095 – Marie Linn – a true friend of Vietnam Vets


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Marie Linn of Cadillac, Michigan

Episode 1095 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a very special lady up in Cadillac, Michigan who is doing wonderful things to honor Vietnam Veterans. That lady is Marie Linn and she was recently highlighted for the work she is doing for Vietnam Veterans in a story found in The Cadillac News titled: Passion for veterans inspires volunteerism that was submitted by Mardi Suhs of the Cadillac News. As the chairperson of commemorative events for her local DAR chapter she has become heavily involved in the 50th-anniversary commemoration of the Vietnam war.

She is well aware of how Vietnam Veterans were treated when they came home. For some inexplicable reason those who opposed the War could not separate their unhappiness with the national leadership for getting the country involved in a war in Southeast Asia from the young Americans who were sent off to fight in the fracas across the ocean.

When those young Americans returned home to what they expected would be a warm welcome showing appreciation and recognition for the service they preformed for their country under very trying circumstances, they were sadly mistaken. They discovered they had been drastically short changed on the welcome they had expected.

When they came home they were treated as if they were a stranger knocking on the door in the middle of the night and there was no answer when their deeds called out to their country inside. Their words were not heard. But thank the good Lord above America is a great nation and its people are finally beginning to see it’s Vietnam Veterans as the heroes they truly are.

Marie Linn is one of those Americans working hard to make all Vietnam Veterans feel welcomed and appreciated.

Don’t miss listening to episode 1095 of the podcast and discovering all the wonderful things Marie Linn is doing to honor Vietnam Veterans.

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