1096 – Two Princeton men discuss Vietnam experiences – one served one ran


Ashley Wright, left, and Lewis Maltby, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

FROM DIFFERENT SIDES: Ashley Wright, left, and Lewis Maltby will discuss their experiences during the Vietnam War on Wednesday, January 10, at Princeton Public Library. The discussion will follow the screening of the fourth episode of the documentary “The Vietnam War.” (Photo by Hannah Schmidl)

Episode 1096 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will take a look at another result of the showing of Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s epic documentary The Vietnam War. An incident took place in Princeton, New Jersey after the showing of the first episode in the Newsroom of the Princeton Public Library. There was a story about the event in The Town Topics of Princeton titled: One Fought; the Other Protested: Two Men Recall Their Vietnam Experiences that was submitted by Anne Levin.

According to Levin, it seems that after the first episode showing as those in attendance were leaving the auditorium two men in the group of similar age met up. One was Ashley Wright, a Vietnam Veteran, who struck up a conversation with Lewis Maltby. Wright asked Maltby if he had served in Vietnam since he appeared to be in that age range.

At first Maltby was a little concerned about the question because not only did he not go to Vietnam but he was an anti-war activist who had vigorously protested against the War. Both men have lived in  Princeton for many years, but had never met. What happened next was unexpected. The outcome continued after the initial meeting between the two.

The library is showing “The Vietnam War” one episode at the time through February 28 in the library’s Newsroom. As a result of the chance meeting and its results Wright and Maltby will be on hand to lead a discussion after the showing of the fourth episode on January 10, 2018. All in the Princeton area are encouraged to attend the showing of the episode and to participate in the discussion following.

Make sure to listen to episode 1096 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast and discover the full story about what happened at the Princeton Public Library with the two men from the Vietnam Era.


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  1. Here in Prescott, AZ we have a life long learning group that will spend a few semesters at Yavapai College addressing the Ken Burns film. I suggested we add an anti-war activist to the facilitator list and we now have one. Been interesting putting this together.

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