1100 – Vietnam Vet Tom Edmunds shows how it is done


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Tom Edmunds stands with Miss Uniroyal in front of Edmunds Metal Works at 6111 15th St. E. The company is marking its 40th year in the Bradenton area. Photo by James A. Jones Jr.

Episode 1100 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will highlight Tom Edmunds of Bradenton, Florida who is another outstanding representative of the Vietnam Veteran Generation. It is the opinion of this podcast that the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation is as great as any that ever heeded the call of its country. Tom Edmunds help verify that opinion.

Tom is a Vietnam War Era veteran who set up a business in Bradenton forty years ago. When he got out of the Air Force he went back to school on the G.I. Bill to learn the metal fabrication trade. He named his new business Edmunds Metal Works and has proceeded to dispel the false rhetoric put out by misguided anti-war protesters who claimed Vietnam Veterans were baby killing, drug abusing, crazed morons who lived under bridges.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The vast majority of Vietnam Veterans like Tom Edmunds not only served their country in the Vietnam Era under challenging circumstances but when they came home they continued serving their country in a wide array of civilian pursuits.

Tom chose metal fabrication as his vehicle to make his mark in the business world in Manatee County. In forty years of operating Edmunds Metal Works he has enjoyed many ups and endured many downs with the business. His ability to weather the down times in his business are a testimony to the fact that when Vietnam Veterans came home they were older, wiser and better able to deal with adversities than their non-veteran contemporaries.

There was a story about Tom and his business in The Bradenton Herald titled: At Edmunds Metal Works, ‘Made in America’ is workplace ethic that was submitted by James A. Jones Jr. (jajones1@bradenton.com)

Listen to episode 1100 of the podcast and discover what Vietnam Veteran Tom Edmunds is doing in Bradenton, Florida to help keep America great.

Matt Edmunds and Tom Edmunds, vietnam veteran news, mack payne

Matt Edmunds, left, stands with his father Tom Edmunds at Edmunds Metal Works. The company has been in business 40 years in the Bradenton area. Photo by James A. Jones Jr.

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