1102 – Vietnam Vet Tommy Kimbel stays in touch with fellow vets


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Vietnam Veteran Tommy Kimbel

Episode 1102 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature Tommy Kimbel, a Vietnam Veteran who served as a member of the US Navy in Vietnam. He lives in Jackson, Missouri today and Skip Vaughn the Redstone Rocket editor recently submitted a story to The Redstone Rocket website titled: Navy veteran keeps in contact with battle buddies that described his service to his country during the Vietnam War and afterwards.

Kimbel’s story is being highlighted because he is an another excellent representative of the Great Vietnam Veteran Generation, one as great as any that ever heeded the call of duty from our country. What he has done through his entire life verifies the fact that when Vietnam Veterans came home from that war they were older, wiser, stronger and better able to cope the a wide array of life challenges.

When he returned home from the war, the way he and many other returning veterans were treated was shameful and a blot on this county’s honor. Kimbel was turned away when he tried to join the Veterans of Foreign War chapter in Scott City his home town. Later he was refused entry in the American Legion post in Jackson. Finally he was allowed to join VFW Post 3838 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, where his father belonged, and he remains a member to this day.

Despite having to suffer the indignity of being shunned by patriotic organizations like the VFW and American Legion simply due the fact he was a Vietnam Veteran he persevered and continued serving his country and community in a variety of military and civilian pursuits.

Tommy Kimbel is another one of those Americans we should all be thankful for and they should always be appreciated for their service to their country.

Listen to episode 1102 and discover more about Vietnam Veteran Tommy Kimbel of Jackson, Missouri and how he has served his country.

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