1105 – Phoenixville honors a Vietnam Vet’s memory


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John A. Polefka, Phoenixville, PA, died August 31, 1969 in Vietnam.

Episode 1105 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a story about a wonderful thing being done in Phoenixville, PA to honor a fallen Vietnam Veteran from their community. Writer Justin Heinze of the Patch staff wrote the story about the action found in The Phoenixville Patch titled: Phoenixville Classmates Honor Student Killed In Vietnam War.

John A. Polefka is the Vietnam Veteran being honored. He was a member of the class of 1968 at the Phoenixville Area High School. He joined the US Army as soon as he hit his 18th birthday and was sent straight to Vietnam after his initial training. On Aug. 31, 1969 he was killed in a rocket attack near Binh Long, Vietnam. Fellow members of the class of 1968 have organized a scholarship drive in his memory.

1968 Class President Chas Kopp said: “A group of classmates got together and really wanted to do something special and unique as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations. Honoring John and, by extension, all those who have served, seemed like a really fitting thing to do especially as we also wanted to give a ‘hand up’ to graduating PAHS seniors who, as John did, intend to serve their country.”

Across the nation from coast to coast and border to border events are taking place where Vietnam Veterans are receiving belated gratitude and recognition for their service in that divisive War. What the good people in Phoenixville, PA are doing to honor one of their own fallen Vietnam Veterans shows tremendous caring and appreciation. They are setting a fine example for all to follow.

CLICK HERE  to make a donation to the scholarship drive that will honor the memory of John A. Polefka.

Listen to episode 1105 and discover more about John A Palefka and how he is being honored in his hometown of Phoenixville, PA

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