1115 – Sense of humor helped this Vietnam Vet make it through


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Vietnam Veteran Thomas Cone

Episode 1115 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will highlight a story about a Vietnam Veteran, Thomas Cone, who got through his time in country with the help of a strong sense of humor. Skip Vaughn wrote the story titled: Alabama native walked point for infantry unit about this Vietnam Vet for the Redstone Stone Rocket where he is the editor. He can be contacted at skip.vaughn@theredstonerocket.com

Cone’s story is the 153rd in a series of articles Vaughn is writing about Vietnam Veterans as part of the DoD’s 50 Year Anniversary Commemoration of the Vietnam War. Vaughn is the author of the book Vietnam Revisited.

Cone enlisted in the Army in 1966 as the draft was looming over his budding civilian career after his graduation from the Columbia Military Academy, in Columbia, Tennessee. Before he knew it he was walking point with the 1st Infantry Division in Vietnam. His first tour in Vietnam included the Tet Offensive. Cone recalled the attacks in the offensive as “Sometimes daytime (attacks), sometimes just at night, very sporadic. But when it happened, it was ferocious.”

Cone made this remark about that assignment: “Walking point was where your life expectancy is 12 seconds. And I did that for a whole year.” That statement epitomized his take on life. He used that attitude toward life throughout his military career which lasted twenty years, two months, 17 days,” according to his wife. He stated this when asked about his length of service: “Not that I counted. My wife did. Wives know all that stuff.”

He served in the Military Police for the balance of his career after his time in Vietnam.

Listen to the episode number 1115 and get the whole story about Thomas Cone and how he used humor to get through his time in Vietnam performing one of the most dangerous jobs in the War.

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