1118 – Friendly Vietnam invites US aircraft carrier for tea

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U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis shakes hands with his Vietnamese counterpart Ngo Xuan Lich before reviewing and honor guard in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Episode 1118 of the Vietnam Veteran News will feature a story about the first visit to Vietnam by a US aircraft carrier since the end of the American Vietnam War. A story titled: US to send first aircraft carrier to Vietnam since war from the Associated Press appeared in The New York Post.

The AP story described how the idea of having a US aircraft carrier visit Vietnam was first raised last summer of 2017 when Vietnamese defense chief Ngo Xuan Lich met U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis at the Pentagon. It appears the higher ups on both sides approved the visit invitation. It looks like a US aircraft carrier will make a stop at the port of Da Nang in March of 2018 for the first time since 1972. This will be another step in the warming relationship between the former adversaries.

Of course the big concern about the visit is how will China react to this poke in the eye Vietnam is delivering to their big neighbor to the north by inviting an aircraft carrier from the imposing US to come for a visit through the contested South China Sea.

The Chinese will probably do no more than a little black rhino huffing and puffing. They are not stupid. They know the Vietnamese can put a hurt on them a la the 1979 border war they fought together and they know they have become the primary Wall-Mart supplier and they do not want to interrupt that lucrative business deal.

Notice the term “lucrative business deal” being used when talking about China. That is another indication communism in both Vietnam and China is dead but they don’t know what to do with the corpse.

Listen to episode 1118 of the podcast and get the whole story about the first US aircraft carrier visit to Vietnam since the end of the American Vietnam War.

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