1119 – A US Marine’s first day of the Tet Offensive


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George Peter Angus with three soldiers from the South Vietnamese Popular Force.

Episode 1119 of the Vietnam Veteran News Podcast will feature a thrilling story about George Peter Angus, a Vietnam Veteran who served two tours in Vietnam as a US Marine. His story appeared in The New York Times and it was titled: “The Morning of Tet.” He volunteered to serve a second tour in country so that he could make a difference. As he described that night when he was on a night patrol Combined Action Platoon compound situated in An Wa.

He wrote an autobiographical type account of an event he was involved in that occurred the night before the Tet Offensive of 1968. At the time he was assigned to a US Marine program Combined Action Platoon compound in An Wa. That was a small fishing village with a population of 500 people located in Quang Ngai Province about six miles north of The Chu Lai air field.

The Combined Action program would assign a ten man squad of Marines to live in villages with the local Vietnamese and work with the South Vietnamese Popular Force troops. On the night described in the story Angus, one other Marine and two P.F. militia counterparts were on an ambush patrol. Suddenly four unsuspecting enemy soldiers just forty feet away from Angus’s position entered the killing zone of their ambush trap.

In the few seconds he had to nervously ponder how he was going to handle the situation his mind begin to flash back to things that happened back home. He had just recently returned from a leave back in the States and he recounted a chance meeting with a high school friend. The two had been college classmates and cross-country teammates when he had attended a year in college.

His friends comments about the war were in his mind as he decided what he was going to do with the four intruders in his kill zone.

Listen to episode 1119 of the podcast and get the entire thrilling story of a brave US Marine who was trying to make a difference in Vietnam.

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