112 VVN – Baptist Missionaries Visit Vietnam

Baptists Speak to Vietnamese Students, Vietnam Veteran News, Mack Payne

The Broken Arrow mission team met with students at New Life center where the gospel was shared openly.

In this episode we will look at a story by Jo-Ann Jennings, a writer for the Broken Arrow Ledger. She tells the story of a group of missionaries led by Pastor Scott Morie of Indian Springs Baptist Church who visited Vietnam. Vietnam Veterans remember the Vietnam of forty plus years ago and it is interesting to get a glimpse of the country today.

The Baptist visitors could not preach on street corners or hand out Bibles randomly but they could talk to students as cultural ambassadors. Morie said “We’re just planting seeds” that could someday produce fruit in that communist country that suppresses the peoples worship of Christianity.

The story was an interesting look at what is going in Vietnam today and the attitudes of the people there. Hope you enjoy the story.


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